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“Wake up with the best fishing in Belize at your doorstep”

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Belize and Award Winning Placencia are the perfect destination for Sports Fishing Adventurers.

Hugged by Mexico to the North, Guatemala to the West and South and the picturesque Caribbean to the East, Belize is a quick two hour flight from the United States. A unique blend of pristine nature, endless adventure and a rich melting pot of cultures, Belize has something to offer every traveler.

Tarpon Caye Lodge sits only 6 miles west of the second longest barrier reef in the world. It is surrounded by hundreds of square miles of exquisite fishing grounds and is referred to as the "permit capital of the world”.
What do we mean by:

"Fish the tides, not the clock?"

Tarpon Caye Lodge is surrounded by miles of some of the best fishing flats in the world. 

Nothing gets the heart racing more than spotting and stalking a school of feeding Permit up on a flat with their tails in the air! But Permit are spooky fish, and they will not leave the cover of deep water to feed on a flat at low tide, the water is just too shallow.

Our guides know that your best shot at a Permit will be during the four hour period surrounding a high tide, i.e. as the water comes on to the flat, peaks, and then recedes. We will plan your fishing day around these peak windows of opportunity. If high tide is at 6:00 am, you can set your clock for 5:00, grab a cup of coffee and a muffin, jump in the boat with your guide, (who is also staying at the lodge) and be on a flat in five minutes for the best opportunity on a permit!

This is an approach to fishing that is unique to Tarpon Caye lodge. Most operations will have the guide pick you up at a set time, and return you at a set time, regardless of what is happening with the tides. This is fishing the clock and can be very hit or miss.

At Tarpon Caye it is not uncommon for our guests to catch their first Permit before our competition has even fueled up their boats! Then when the tide goes out it is back to the lodge for a delicious brunch, a siesta on your private deck hammock (or more fishing if you're so inclined), then when the tide returns you are back to the boat, often fishing while enjoying a beautiful Belizean sunset!!

Fishing the tides, not the clock maximizes the effectiveness of your fishing time (and investment!)
What do we mean by:

"Wake up with the best fishing in Belize at your doorstep!"

Tarpon Caye lodge is located right in the middle of the Victoria Channel, known as "Permit Alley" for the amazing Permit habitat it contains. There are literally miles and miles of pristine flats in this area. Just try to stay calm when you see a tailing Permit from the deck of your cabin, or a school of 100+ tarpon leisurely cruising by as you have your coffee!

To access this area with a guide from the mainland would require a commute which depending on the weather could be an hour long and quite uncomfortable in a small boat. When you stay at Tarpon Caye lodge there is no commute, you wake up at ground zero of the best Belize fishing, and your guide stays on the island with you - there is no waiting around, no lengthy commute to the fishing.

On Ambergris Caye for instance, much of the best fishing takes place on the "lagoon" side of the island - to get there you will spend two hours of your full day fishing just getting to and from the action. You commute to work every day, why commute to your fishing?

At Tarpon Caye lodge your time will be spent fishing, not motoring!

Meet Charles Leslie Sr

Manager & Legendary Belezian Guide

Your host at Tarpon Caye Lodge is Charles Leslie Sr. Charlie is from the village of Placencia in the Stan Creek District of Belize. Guiding by age nineteen, he has over 30 years of experience fishing the waters of Belize and is considered one of the most knowledgeable and respected guides in the country.
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